Here's How to Score the Judas Priest Logo Font

Photo: Jo Hale (Getty Images for Gibson)

Since the dawn of metal music, a fascination with the heavy genre’s iconography has permeated popular culture. It’s probably the reason supermodel/young Kardashian Kendall Jenner walks around in Slayer shirts and Justin Bieber has been ripping off Metallica’s steez for his tour merch in recent years, and it’s certainly the reason why metal fonts—as in, the font used in legendary bands’ equally as legendary logos—has a certain cultural weight to them. They’re cool, they’ve always be cool, and they’re easily recognizable. The Englishmen of Judas Priest are well aware of this little ol’ factoid and on Monday, rolled out a JP-branded logo/name generator. Check it out here.

Metal fans might remember that Metallica once did something similar, two years ago in support of their last full-length LP, 2016's Hardwired... to Self-Destruct. It seems all but coincidental that Judas Priest just released their 18th studio album last Friday, March 9, titled Firepower. I’m not looking to knock their hustle, but it is curious...


Check out the name of this site, and my name, in the beloved Priest font, below. I made a bunch of others and they’re all similarly ridiculous—it’s super easy to lose a good half hour here.


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