At the end of February, we introduced you (well, sort of introduced you) to Honey Popcorn, a new K-Pop girl group made up of three Japanese adult film stars—leader Yua Mikami, Miko (born Okada Risako, formerly of J-Pop girl group NMB48) and Sakura (real name Ito Yuu of Japanese girl group Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome). The trio cancelled their debut last week at YES 24 Live Hall, a massive arena in Seoul, South Korea, causing some concern among fans (Yes, you can have fans before you release music.) On Wednesday, March 21, everything changed, and Honey Popcorn released the music video for their first (and only) single, “Bibidi Babidi Boo.”


There are...a lot of potential questions here, but the song itself is catchy as hell, each girl repeating “Bibidi Babidi Boo” (from “The Magic Song” in Disney’s Cinderella) throughout the single’s chorus. The video, too, channels a sort of whimsical sweetness—tinkly spell-casting, magic mirrors, tarot—we can confidently say their musical product has little relation to their other work. And who cares that it doesn’t? (Or better yet, if it did?) K-Pop is no new genre, but it’s international successes seem to grow with every passing day—Honey Popcorn and “Bibidi Babidi Boo,” in some weird way, show us that Idols come in many different forms. That’s cool!

Watch the music video above.

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