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On Saturday, Pitchfork published a story pointing out that Vince Staples correctly identified Eminem’s searing anti-Trump freestyle as “trash.” Staples had sat down with Pitchfork the night before as part of their “In Sight Out” series at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and he laid into the angry, peach-fuzzed rapper:

“It was trash,” he said. “He can do better.” Staples went on to assert that if he were to rap those lines, it would be taken less seriously: “If I said, ‘This is for Colin/Ball up a fist/And keep it balled up/Like Donald the bitch,’ they would be like, ‘Get this nigga out of here.’”


There was just one problem: Staples thought Pitchfork took his Eminem jokes out of context. (We’ll find out for sure when his talk is released as a podcast at a later date.) It’s not uncommon for music news sites to pull a brief quote, interview excerpt, or tweet with limited context and make it a news post. But this particular case led to one of the best Twitter afternoons in recent memory.

Musicians will usually tweet about publications under two conditions: If they’ve written a positive feature about their latest album, or if they’re fuming over a certain piece of coverage. Maybe Staples, who seems more level-headed than a vast majority of the industry, wasn’t too incensed by the quotes Pitchfork used, but still used the blog’s post as a springboard into an incredible Twitter rampage that we’re lucky to have witnessed.

He started small, firing off some more jokes that he couldn’t squeeze into the “In Sight Out” talk:


Staples was boarding a morning flight right as this went down, and since he was on his #KevinDurant, he seized the pettiness for a wide-ranging series of tweets. It had the spirit of an AMA, but with Staples confronting the fuck out of any fan who didn’t understand the impact of white privilege on Eminem being widely lauded for sentiments that black artists, athletes, and thinkers have been discussing long before the BET Hip-Hop Awards. He also clarified that yes, he still likes Eminem, Em’s fans are the problem, and he looked like a goofy-ass Assassin’s Creed character during that freestyle.


Since Staples fired off dozens of tweets, many of which could have been their own slice of #content, here are 10 slightly out-of-context headlines we could’ve formed a post around:

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