In the last two weeks and some change, we’ve seen many members of K-Pop boy band BIGBANG join the South Korean military—leader G-Dragon entered the 3rd Infantry ‘White Skull’ Division in late February; Taeyang soon followed, enlisted into the Kangwon-do Chulwon 6th Infantry Division Monday, March 12. Daesung has now, too—the singer joined the ROK army’s 27th Infantry Division in Gangwon-do’s Hwacheon county on Tuesday, according to AllKPop. If you’ve been watching this space, or if you’re a smart K-Pop fan, you know this is the norm—South Korea has a mandatory two-year military enlistment for all its male citizens and no one is above the law. But don’t you fret—BIGBANG have left us with a final single, “Floral Road,” which is...pretty meta, considering it’s a song about going on hiatus.


Both Daesung and Taeyang sing on the song’s refrain, “If you want to leave, I understand / I’ll scatter flowers on the road you’ll walk on / But if you ever miss me, please come back.” According to Billboard, the boy band plans on getting back together when its members have completed their mandatory service time, so hopefully this will tide them (me, us) over until then. It’s a banger, but a bummer banger, which is sometimes the best kind.

Listen above.

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