via Soccer Mommy Bandcamp
via Soccer Mommy Bandcamp

Dogs are great. They’re exceedingly loyal and empathetic, the best best friends you could ever wish for. Indie rock has always had an obsession with pups, from Blur’s Parklife album cover in 1994, to Weezer’s Raditude cover in 2009, to, well, 2018—the Year of the Dog—where we’ve seen an undeniable trend of doggos in music. Let’s explore, shall we?

On Tuesday, Sophie Allison, the NYC-via-Nashville indie rock songwriter who records as Soccer Mommy, announced her first proper album, Clean, out March 2. She, too, loves dogs, but understands that as a human, you’d never want to be likened to one as some kind of submissive, emotional accessory. That is the crux of Soccer Mommy’s scathing new single, “Your Dog.”

“I don’t want to be your fucking dog that you drag around,” she proclaims right up front on “Your Dog,” over slaloming guitars and a kind of scary bass line. Allison taps the metaphor for all its potential, eviscerating some person (or is it also a dog?) who tries to control the protagonist.


She’s not the only one really embracing pooches in 2018—Sidney Gish, the 20-year-old indiepop pundit from Massachusetts, just released an excellent LP titled No Dogs Allowed where she, too, likens herself to a dog on the whip-smart “Impostor Syndrome” (“Unfortunately I am / My own dog, my own fur companion / My own old lady on a forum / Who types in glittery decorum”).

Is it a coincidence? A trend? We’re only 9 days into 2018, and that’s a whole lotta pup.

Have you seen more instances of indie rock puppy love in 2018? Let us know:

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