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Harry Styles was groped by an audience member during his performance at a cancer benefit concert this weekend. On Saturday, October 21, Styles was performing at the Hollywood Bowl for We Can Survive, along with Lorde, Khalid, Kesha, Pink, and others. During his song “Kiwi,” the former One Direction member walked up to the edge of the stage and kneeled close to some fans, when one person grabbed his crotch. He promptly shoved their hand away, and got back up to center stage.

In the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s fall from grace, women and men have used the popular #MeToo hashtag to highlight the prevalence of sexual misconduct. Unfortunately, Styles’ show serves as a reminder that anyone can fall victim to sleazy behavior.


Update (10.24, 12:00 p.m.): Yesterday, TMZ ran into Khalid, who also performed at the We Can Survive benefit, for his thoughts on the Styles groping incident:

“I think it’s definitely inappropriate. I feel like as a performer, you do your best job to make everybody happy. And I feel like he got taken advantage of,” he said. “Man or woman, nobody deserves to be disrespected that way.”

Not that we turn to TMZ for measured coverage of sexual misconduct, but given the groundswell of sexual assault reports in the last two weeks, you’d think they might aim for a more thoughtful tone here:

Warning to Khalid fans: don’t go grabbin’ the R&B star’s junk if you’re ever in the front row at one of his concerts, because he thinks it’s hella disrespectful.

We got Khalid at LAX Monday and asked him what he thought about a fan copping a feel of Harry Styles’ privates mid-performance over the weekend.


You can watch footage of the original incident and read one fan’s account below.

We have reached out to representatives for Harry Styles and the Hollywood Bowl for comment, and will update this post if we hear back.


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