Happy Hanukkah, From HAIM With Love

via Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Christian Dior Couture

Adam Sandler’s long reign as the most famous person to write a Hanukkah song is finally over; the HAIM sisters posted a clip of a track—one that I’m tentatively calling “Light Me Up (Like I’m a Menorah)”—on their Twitter. Este, the coolest Haim (because she does not give one single fuck), plays bass and sings in the 45-second clip, rhyming “latke” with “vodka,” before Danielle comes in on the piano for the chorus and the girls sing “Light me up! Like I’m a menorah!” It’s great. Este makes some serious faces throughout, as she is known to do (I’m telling ya, the coolest Haim!).

Listen to the clip below—and HAIM, please make this a real song!


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