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Greg Gutfeld is something of an enigma around these parts (by that I mean: to people who love music and don’t watch Fox News). He hosts Fox’s The Greg Gutfeld Show, which, from what I understand after seeing his name in headlines so often, is something of a satirical news show. He also forms one-fifth of a five-person panel called The Five (let me know if you didn’t get that), which also airs on Fox. That one is not satirical, but both have been known to discuss pop culture. Still with me?

Gutfeld keeps making headlines because he keeps saying ridiculous things about rock music on-air. Recently, it was for dunking on Radiohead and then calling them the “poor man’s Coldplay.” For the life of us, we can’t figure out why or who these jokes speak to. “Fans of Coldplay who seriously think they’re bigger than Radiohead” can’t make up a large a percentage of his viewership, can they? No, instead Gutfeld’s antics seem to come from much purer place, from a desire to simply stir the pot, no matter which way. He’s going after the very notion of fandom or loving something that’s bigger than you.


Anyway, yesterday Gutfeld got into some hot water again—but this time, it wasn’t because he was making overwrought jokes. This time, as Pitchfork points out, the offense was committed on his serious show, The Five, when he named a Dallas metal band Power Trip and played one of their songs—“Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Ax)”—before a commercial break. Some people let the band know on Twitter, and they are pissed:

Later, the band elaborated on why being played on Fox News was such a slap in the face:


Speaking to Noisey, Power Trip vocalist Riley Gale explained the deep irony of “Executioner’s Tax” in particular being played on Fox News: “It’s literally an allegory for taking the blue pill and buying into the big lie so that you can be more comfortable when the executioner comes for your head—and if it’s not you now, it will be.”


This is a learning moment for Gutfeld, if not just about allegories and listening to lyrics, then about being a fan and having respect for those bands and also realizing when the bands you like hate Fox News. As Power Trip said on their Twitter account:


We’ve reached out to Power Trip’s representatives for comment, and will update if we hear back.

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