Via Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Global Citizen

Back in the day, there used to be these things called compact discs. Our elders called them CDs. On these physical discs would be music, and occasionally, really successful bands would compile their most popular songs for a single collection, often dubbed as “Greatest Hits.” The market demand for these albums plummeted in a post-Napster and iTunes world. Why buy an album of songs you already know if you can pick and choose?

Now don’t tell this to Green Day, who announced a career-spanning collection called Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band today. The album draws from their pre-major label Bay Area punks days (“2000 Light Years Away”) to their most recent album Revolution Radio (“Bang Bang”). It also features a couple of new songs, including “Ordinary World” with country singer Miranda Lambert. The collection arrives on November 17, just in time for Black Friday. Gotta love the music industry.