Good Charlotte, Lil Peep's Biggest Influence, Covered Lil Peep at His Memorial

On Saturday, December 2nd, fans, family, and friends gathered in Lil Peep’s hometown of Long Beach in Long Island, NY for a memorial service in honor of the late rapper. Peep, the up-and-coming musician whose hybrid approach to hip-hop and emo inspired fans across genre lines, passed away last month on November 15th. He was 21 years old.


The weekend ceremony appeared to be more of a celebration of Peep’s life than a place to mourn his death: Popular pop-punk band Good Charlotte performed a cover of his last single, “Awful Things,” at the event, giving real credence to Lil Peep songs’ ability to transcend varying musical styles. You can watch footage of that above.

It’s worth noting that in June of this year, Lil Peep tweeted that Good Charlotte were his “biggest influence,” to which Joel Madden of the band responded “GC and Peep on the ticket for 2018.” My kingdom for that tour:


Check out the original recording of “Awful Things,” too, below.

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