Good Charlotte & Lil Peep Planned A Tour Together One Week Before His Passing

Left: Joel Madden by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Right: Lil Peep by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
Left: Joel Madden by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Right: Lil Peep by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Last weekend, Lil Peep’s family, friends and fans headed to his hometown of Long Beach in Long Island, NY for a memorial service in honor of the late rapper. Good Charlotte, the popular pop-punk band and Peep’s self-described “biggest influence,” performed a cover of his last single, “Awful Things,” at the event.


We spoke to singer Joel Madden of Good Charlotte about the tribute, Peep’s legacy and the experience of memorializing a fan:

I was just a fan of Peep’s, I followed him on social media and I saw he tweeted about our band one day and I just responded. We kind of just connected on social media. We had just started talking to his team about putting together a tour the week before he passed.

His team invited us to participate in the memorial and we really hoped our tribute would be something his family and friends received with lots of love and respect. It was important to me that I felt we did something he would have enjoyed himself. I tried to imagine him smiling the whole time we were performing the song.

One of the really inspiring things I experienced during this process was the effort so many people made out of genuine love and respect for Peep.

We were out on tour in UK, so we only had a two day window to learn the song [“Awful Things,”] put the stage production together, shoot the video footage, record live to protools, and all of that at one sound check, in about four takes, all at the same time. It was incredibly touching for me to see all these people working together from sound to lights to video, band and crew all working together to make this video happen. Every single person involved wanted to be a part of it; they all wanted to do something special for him. I was touched to see so many people pay their own tribute to him in their own ways with their own talents.

That to me says everything about the impact of his music and his life, and the impact he will continue to have on the culture for years to come. He was truly special, and I am glad we could pay tribute. We were all honored to be a part of it.


Revisit Good Charlotte’s tribute to Lil Peep, below.

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