God, If You're Out There, Give Us Another Frank Ocean Album Already

Via Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Spotify

Frank Ocean is the most elusive dude in the music game. This year he actually performed a few festival sets, but for the most part, Ocean is a man of mystery, offering only a rare photoshoot or lone interview to satiate his thirstiest fans, leaving them (us) to pray for more. Last night, Frank did a very un-Frank thing and posted on his Tumblr blog like it was still 2011 with a little quote.

“WELL I️ MADE THE ALBUM BEFORE 30. I️ JUST AINT PUT THAT BITCH OUT,” wrote Ocean, describing the sentences as “quotes from an interview I haven’t given haha.”


The last song Frank released was the one-off track “Provider,” in August. He’s released a number of singles this year, in fact (“Chanel,” “Biking,” and “Lens”) but offered no hints at full length project. That Frank posted this just hours before the 2018 Grammy nominations, too, is deliciously apropos, given his well-documented anti-Grammys stance.

Because Frank offered no other details about when or even if this album is dropping, I’ll be wandering around SoHo praying for another pop-up shop to lead the way. God, give us this record.

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