Dear Lord, Give Me This New Carly Rae Jepsen Song

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This goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway: the world could use some new music from Carly Rae Jepsen. We’re three years removed from her cult favorite Emotion, and a year out from shot of pop adrenaline “Cut to the Feeling.” As we were Eastering or Sedering or Carlying over the weekend, minding our business, she added a snippet of new music to her Instagram story. It’s happening.


Okay, it’s only 13 seconds to work with, but this already sounds like a serious doubling down on what everyone liked so much the last time around. Ascendant, chirpy, downright giddy synths? Extreme ‘80s pastiche? The least self-conscious shit about being in love? It’s all here, and then some. Filmed in the studio with two collaborators whose faces we can’t really see, Carly belts “you’re holding my hand now / this love isn’t crazy / this love isn’t crazy.” Just tailor-made to be belted back to her in a sweaty, glittery room, filled to capacity.

This isn’t the first recent sign of new CRJ. Back in February, she very casually updated her Instagram bio to tease a new disco direction (or at least a new lyric that embraces the genre). And last week, she updated the header photo on Spotify, something that’s totally normal for anyone who visits her page on a weekly or daily basis to notice. It’s as good a sign as any that we’ll be getting new music sooner rather than later.


Check out our first taste below:

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