Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET

Who is Young Thug? After unsuccessfully attempting to rebrand as Jeffrey (and possibly even No, My Name Is Jeffrey when he released a mixtape of the same name), the rapper is back at it with the name changes. Now that he has your attention, the artist born Jeffrey Lamar Williams would like to be called, uh, SEX, from now on:

It’s possible, but super unlikely, that “SEX” is something Young Thug’s label/management/legal team would have signed off on beyond the tweet. But, given how the artist formerly known as Diddy, Sean Combs, has pogoed between names for years—most recently announcing, then retracting, then “un-retracting the retraction” that he would like to be called Love aka Brother Love—there’s a chance Young Thug will stick with the new name for a while, while everyone else continues to call him, well, Young Thug.

The rapper is a known quantity at this point, most recently for hitting No. 1 with a guest spot on Camila Cabello’s “Havana,” so I can’t imagine why he’s wanrt to potentially squander career momentum with a serious rebrand. But music is weird! If anything, I hold out hope for a Love (aka Brother Love) & SEX collaborative mixtape—SEX has proven to be good for those.