Footage of a Sex Toy Aired During A Poignant Interview with Stormzy, Poor Guy

Jim Dyson/Getty Images for Red Bull

Stormzy was on BBC Breakfast earlier today to talk about the new music video for “Blinded by Your Grace Pt,” an uplifting track off his debut album, Gang Signs & Prayers. The music video is just as powerful, shot in London housing projects and featuring a crowd of young fans singing along to the joyful track.

All great stuff, right? Wrong—the internet was distracted during the interview because of the particularly awkward clip it was paired with, filmed at the grime artist’s set at Glastonbury. In it, the camera zooms onto a man in the audience dressed like a sexy cop and waving what appears to be a giant rubber penis...with real gusto, one might add.


Neither Stormzy nor the hosts drew any attention to the clip, according to NME, which was probably the best course of action—but there’s almost no way they missed it, because the guy is pretty front and center. Poor Stormzy.

Check out the video for “Blinded by Your Grace Pt. 2" instead, below.

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