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Last week, DJ and producer The Gaslamp Killer was accused of raping two women in 2013. Although the L.A. artist, whose real name is William Benjamin Bensussen, is currently unsigned, Bensussen’s former label Brainfeeder issued a statement denouncing him and making clear that they haven’t released any of his music in six years.

However, the founder of Brainfeeder, producer and experimental artist Flying Lotus, took a different approach over the weekend, on October 14, appearing to defend Bensussen during one of his sets. Before playing a Gaslamp Killer song, FlyLo said “The internet is a fuckin’ liar. Ain’t nobody judge and jury but the fuckin’ law, okay? … Thank you guys so much for coming, let truth and justice have its day.”


After his comments were widely circulated in the following days, he spoke to HipHopDX and seemed to suggest they were taken out of context. “There was a lot longer of a speech,” he said. “It would be awesome to show the whole video. I came at it from a humble place.”

Despite this attempt to absolve himself, FlyLo went on to apologize for his comments:

“I wanted to sincerely apologize for my comments at the show. I realize they were insensitive. This is a tough time for all of us, men and women. I’m having trouble finding my voice in all of this. I am truly heartbroken. My stage has always been a place for what’s in my heart until now. I feel as internet-wielding people we have to learn to give each other space to feel, to honor each other’s reactions and experiences without bullying. I care about this community and its impact so much.”

In the wake of last week’s allegations, The Gaslamp Killer lost his long-running residency with the Low End Theory in L.A. His appearance at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival and three Australian tour dates have also been canceled.

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