Fall Out Boy Will Never Write a Song as Good as "Dead on Arrival," Fight Me

Beloved Chicago emo band Fall Out Boy released their seventh studio album, M A N I A, last month, and I didn’t notice. I follow new music releases all the time, some might even say for a living, but I was too busy listening to their 2003 single, “Dead on Arrival,” on repeat, and remembering it is their best song ever to pay attention to their new foray into EDM-pop. Oh well!


The track, just over 3 minutes long and complete with an “official” music video that looks like a fan made it for a Photoshop assignment in a high school art class, is too good for this world. It is the eternal banger: all build-up and somehow also all release, the kind of pop-punk anthem you’d sing along to at the top of your lungs and all the way through, not just on the hook.

Go ahead and argue I only like this song because I heard it in middle school—guess what, I heard their second-best song, 2005's “Dance Dance” back then, too, and I still think “Dead on Arrival” is superior. Listen above—I dare you not to love it.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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