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Faith Hill and her husband appear on the latest cover of Billboard, and they tread into some more political waters than the Country Music Awards probably would have liked. Despite country music becoming inextricably linked to the debate over gun violence, gun control, and the NRA, after the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history occurred at a country music festival, few of the genre’s A-list stars have spoken out against the NRA.

But in a new interview, Hill demanded accountability from lawmakers and the nation’s top gun lobby (via Billboard):

“In reference to the tragedy in Las Vegas, we knew a lot of people there,” Faith said. “The doctors that [treated] the wounded, they saw wounds like you’d see in war. That’s not right. Military weapons should not be in the hands of civilians. It’s everyone’s responsibility, including the government and the National Rifle Association, to tell the truth. We all want a safe country.”


Hill’s husband Tim McGraw also weighed in, reminding us that calls for heightened gun regulation have little to do with taking away all the guns or stripping the hunting rights of all Americans:

“Look, I’m a bird hunter — I love to wing-shoot,” says McGraw. “However, there is some common sense that’s necessary when it comes to gun control. They want to make it about the Second Amendment every time it’s brought up. It’s not about the Second Amendment.”

The genre’s top stars have mostly played apolitical with the gun debate—if they’re not partnering with the NRA outright—so as to not alienate a fanbase that skews further right than most other genres. But in addition to Hill, badass country outcast Sturgill Simpson busked outside the CMAs and gave a faux awards speech that would not have pleased the show’s organizers:

Nobody needs a machine gun, and that’s coming from a guy who owns quite a few guns. Gay people should have the right to be happy and live their life any way they want to and get married if they want to without fear of getting drug down the road behind a pickup truck. Black people are probably tired of getting shot in the streets and being enslaved by the industrial prison complex. Hegemony and fascism is alive and well in Nashville, Tennessee. Thank you very much.


Although Hill or McGraw didn’t go so far as to call Trump a “fascist fucking pig,” it’s a start.

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