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Yesterday, Keith Stanfield, who plays Darius on the critically-lauded show Atlanta, posted an Instagram with the caption: “Don’t call I️t Season 2. Tis ‘Robbin Season’ ❄️ 🍴,” hinting that the show will return February 2018.


Atlanta, which was created by Donald Glover, details the struggles of contemporary rap life. It serves not only to illustrate how the music industry works, but its distinct surrealist sequencing creates a universe far larger than Atlanta’s 285 highway loop.

One of the first season’s best jokes involved a meeting between Darius and Paper Boi, the show’s lead, hanging out in the woods of Atlanta where they met Migos. The joke played up the fact the rap group is from Lawrenceville, GA, far north of Atlanta, essentially placing them in the country rather than the city’s metropolis. The inspired casting got me thinking of some other musical guests who should get a chance to stretch out their acting chops on Atlanta. Glover, holler:


Desiigner - The Brooklyn rapper is still mostly known for his hit song “Panda” from last year, but he’s an absolutely charismatic energy ball of a person. If there’s an episode surrounding a reignited rivalry between north and south rap, Desiigner would kill the subplot.

Killer Mike - One of the great things about Atlanta’s first season is that it felt very timely. A Killer Mike cameo would be perfect; I’d love to see an episode where he runs for mayor of Atlanta, riffing on the politically active rapper’s public persona while mirroring the city’s most recent election, where even 21 Savage went to his pulpit of Instagram to campaign for victor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Lil Yachty - Last year, Lil Yachty was rap’s favorite young up-and-comer. He hinted that he wished he could’ve gotten a spot on Atlanta, so it would make sense for him to appear in Season 2. I could imagine him playing a rapper Paper Boi would become annoyed with, as Yachty continues to be successful and PB struggles on the come-up.

Lorde - Who could forget Atlanta’s most memorable moments, from the strip club trap door or the entire Black Bieber joke? Lorde isn’t a rapper and she certainly isn;’t connected to Atlanta’s musical culture, like, at all, but part of me would love to see her return in a dream sequence similar to her vocal-less VMA performance this year. It would be an abstract, unexplained and certainly funny easter egg for her fans and fans of the surreal.

T.I. - An Atlanta rap veteran T.I. cameoing on Atlanta would serve as perfectly meta choice: In 2006, over a decade ago, the rapper started in ATL, a movie that centered on the same cultural milieu as Atlanta. He’d make a great uncle who doesn’t see the value in Paper Boi and Earn, and his manager played by Donald Glover, trying to make it in the music industry. But whatever role he’d play in the show, I wanna see his gravity defying beanie.

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