Something good actually happened yesterday: A despicable Republican candidate who’s been accused of sexual misconduct with minors didn’t win the over a Democratic candidate in a highly anticipated race! Yes, Doug Jones won the special election for the Alabama Senate seat over Roy Moore, making him the first Democratic candidate to hold a state-wide office in Alabama in an actual decade. After CNN and NPR called the election, millions of Americans felt something stir in their hearts—what was that, hope? The feeling we assumed we’d be forced to relegate to the past? You’re goddamn right it was—let’s enjoy this while it lasts.


Meanwhile! In Los Angeles, James Corden had to rush off to the hospital yesterday for the birth of his new baby daughter (congrats to the Cordens!) and in his place, Harry Styles arrived on the scene to fill in for the English late-night talk-show host. The two recently shared a kiss onscreen and have generally been best buds since first meeting when Styles was in One Direction, so this feels like the logical next step in their relationship. Harry did a pretty good job, even though the jokes were written for him, landing a joke about Roy Moore showing up to the polls on horseback.

“Roy Moore went to the polls this morning to vote for himself and he took a very unusual mode of transportation, this is real life,” said the former boy band member, before showing the hilariously awkward clip of Moore on his horse, Sassy. “Uhhh, okay. I don’t know too much about hoofed animals, but I’m pretty sure that’s an ass!”


That...doesn’t make total sense—horses aren’t donkeys?—but honestly, hearing Harry say “hoofed animals” was funnier than I ever expected, so kudos to the writers. Welcome to television, Harry!

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