Emo Band Moose Blood Respond to Sexual Misconduct Allegations Four Months Later

Photo: Moose Blood (Facebook)

Unless you’re a regular reader of publications like Kerrang!, RockSound and Alternative Press, or fancy yourself someone who frequents the Vans’ Warped Tour over Coachella, you might be unfamiliar with English emo band Moose Blood. They’re very much a thing in that particular genre/music community, and lately, they’ve been under fire for a series of sexual misconduct allegations. In March 2017, the band parted ways with their drummer, Glenn Harvey, after sexual harassment allegations populated online, and on Friday, Moose Blood responded to claims against vocalist Eddy Brewerton. The difference in this situation, however, is that the accusation surfaced on October 17, 2017—it appears as though Moose Blood waited four months to address them.

As Alternative Press reports, the accusation against Brewerton surfaced last fall when Twitter user @Zoe__Maria asserted that the singer “stole nudes” off her phone and sent them to the band’s WhatsApp group:


In a Facebook post Friday, four months after the initial accusations, the band asserted that these allegations are “entirely false” and that they “strongly refute it.” They also claim to be taking legal action.

Read their statement, in full, below.


Until a real investigation is conducted, there isn’t much that can be said to the validity of these accusations. We can point out, however, that the emo/pop-punk scene has a history of forgiving and forgetting its abusers, to the detriment of its young and mostly female fanbase. Something’s gotta change.

We’ve reached out to Twitter user @Zoe__Maria and will update this post if we hear back.


When asked for a statement, representatives for Moose Blood said the band has “no comment.”

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