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Drake is The Hollywood Reporter’s latest cover boy, because he wants to be a major Hollywood player now. In a new interview, Drake reveals that he’s planning to “take six months or a year” to produce film projects, which currently includes a full slate.

The story begins with the writer, Tatiana Siegel, showing up at Drake’s apartment. It’s early for him, and after lunchtime for everyone else. You know, because he works for nearly 10-hour stretches overnight:

“This interview is kind of early for me,” he admits, though it’s presently 1:45 p.m. The night before, he started plowing through musical ideas — an instrumentation, a beat, an arrangement — well after midnight, and he didn’t stop until 10 a.m.


Then we get into Drake’s pivot to video. According to Siegel, he’s already produced a documentary about NBA star Vince Carter called The Carter Effect, is attached to a revival of British crime drama Top Boy for Netflix (debuting in 2019), and has projects with the excellent indie studio A24, Anonymous Content (Mr. Robot, Spotlight), and, most likely, Apple. Drake’s longtime manager and business partner, Adel “Future” Nur, also suggests that they want to bring one of Margaret Atwood’s books that hasn’t already been signed by a studio or network to the screen.

But Drake, ever the predictable cornball, is into another author even more: J.K. Rowling. He tells Siegel that he’s absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter, and has been tracking down a first edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for four years. Drake also mentions it’s finally up for sale, and he wants to dish out $160,000 for the thing. He loves this shit:

“Yeah, I read them all,” he says of J.K. Rowling’s series, two tiny diamonds glinting from his front teeth as he breaks into a wide smile. I tell him I’m reading the series to my kids, and he immediately peppers me with questions, “What book are you on?” “Goblet of Fire,” I respond. “What part?” Then, as if to talk himself into the purchase, he says: “I should get it. My birthday’s coming up. Maybe I’ll buy it for myself as a treat.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Drake talks about growing up in Toronto, dodges questions about his love life—he’s most recently been connected to The Florida Project’s breakout star Bria Vinaite—and lets the less-famous-Future, his manager, fire some shots at Rihanna, his ex, when talking about how selective he is with film projects:

“We’re not looking to drop him into some Battleship,” says Future, a reference to Rihanna and her ill-fated stab at the big screen.



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