With the disbandment of One Direction (it still hurts) and the unraveling of Fifth Harmony (okay, I don’t believe it either, but the loss of Camila Cabello is a huge deal. Get over it?) the popularity of boy bands and girl groups typically ebbs and flows in Western pop. We love ‘em, we find ‘em cheesy, we ditch ‘em, we beg ‘em to come back. To other fans of perfect production, effortless harmonies and flawless choreography, I say: Pivot to K-Pop, our Seoul saviors.


Most mainstream conversation surrounding K-Pop exists in some weird space of exoticism, or the newly minted appreciation for boy band BTS (a near-headline slot at this month’s American Music Awards is nothing to scoff at.) Where does that leave girl groups? Crushing the World Albums chart, apparently.

Billboard reports that Red Velvet, with their sophomore full-length Perfect Velvet: The 2nd Album, have tied popular boy bands BTS and Got7 for the most No. 1s atop the chart, signifying a full-on, worldwide embrace of K-Pop girl groups. Thank goodness.

Senior Writer, Jezebel. My debut book, LARGER THAN LIFE: A History of Boy Bands, is out July 21.

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