Diddy Changed His Name to "Love" Because Rich People Can Do Anything

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In November 2017 Sean Combs, the richest man in music, changed his name, as he is known to do. “I’ve decided to change my name again!” he tweeted. “My new name is LOVE aka Brother Love.” It didn’t last and he was eviscerated for it (including by this website.) A few days later, he announced a retraction. “I was only joking, okay. I didn’t change my name,” he said in an Instagram video.

NOT SO, it seems! Sometimes Diddy makes decisions, and sometimes Diddy changes his mind. It happens. On Wednesday night, the rapper appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and told the host, “I never went back to Diddy.” He then directed his attention to the audience, asked, “Who doesn’t love Love?” and was met with applause.


Of course they broke out into applause! This is a heartwarming tale of how to live your truth and grow in public. “I’ve unretracted the retraction,” the artist formerly known as P. Diddy announced. Please note: He also said he’s since dropped the “Brother” and is now just “Love.”

For what it’s worth, he did seem alarmed when Kimmel mimed calling him on the phone and answering with “Hello, Love.” But I mean, who wouldn’t? You can watch that interaction below.

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