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Don’t tell Chance the Rapper he isn’t the most fashionable guy in hip hop. Apparently the beloved Chicago rapper went on Instagram Live Wednesday to tout his own style as “bringing back” mega-popular streetwear brands Supreme and Champion. Here’s what he said (via Complex):

“Everybody knows I brought Supreme back. I don’t talk about it all day because I’m not that type of dude, but... I did bring Champion back. So, all of these lame niggas rockin’ Champion, y’all should thank me for making you un-lame.”


There are a lot of rappers who come to mind when thinking about fashion—Kanye West, for his collaborations with Nike and Adidas, and A$AP Rocky, for his constant designer namedropping—they immediately stick out in my mind. This isn’t to discount Chance, but does his style really shout Supreme or Champion? Let’s use Instagram to investigate:

Hmmm, neither of these are Champion or Supreme, but it appears that Chance loves New Era caps...


Here he is in a lovely baby blue Champion sweatshirt, so okay, I’ll give him points for that.


There’s Chance, once again, rocking yet another New Era cap paired with a Levi’s coat and a sweatshirt from his 2016 album, Coloring Book. Still no Supreme. Let the record show that at the time of writing this, Chance’s Instagram has 1303 photos and while no one has time to go through every single one—I did scroll through all of his 2018 and 2017 images, and didn’t come across him in any Supreme items. Not. A. Single. One.


In the photo above, we see Chance the Rapper in another New Era cap hanging out with Migos and Gucci Mane. Migos’ rapper Takeoff is wearing a Supreme shirt (featuring Gucci Mane, what serendipity!) so, maybe that could count. I’m going to say that it counts.

Does this investigation disprove that Chance brought back Champion or Supreme. Yes, yes it does. Should we fault Chance for exaggerating the truth on Instagram live? No, because this shows that though Chance might not be a streetwear trendsetter, it doesn’t matter: He’s still a great brand ambassador for New Era caps.

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