David Crosby Needs to Learn About Blackface

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American rock hero David Crosby is a known contrarian on Twitter—the social media company has even used his cranky-old-man brand of general displeasure in a recent commercial. On Wednesday, he took things to a new level of questionable (and unfortunately, racist):


Besides the fact that this reads like a bad slam poem, there’s a lot to break down here. Mainly, I’m pretty sure no one asked David Crosby to weigh in on what it feels like to be a black person in America today. Secondly, this is horrible advice. No one should do blackface, ever. It’s 2018, dude, come on. Even if it’s a joke, a “commentary on race relations,” it’s still terrible and bad.

Crosby felt the need to explain himself further:

Regrettable for his argument, the racism inherent in donning blackface is not overwritten if it’s a “good makeup job.” Sorry!

But the 76-year-old musician does seem to be responsive to the education provided by his many followers, so that’s a start:


I am all for people getting a grip, where grip means empathy. And maybe Crosby is learning—hats off to him for not getting defensive and logging off. All people should try a little harder to be understanding and generous towards those who do not share their own identity! And when it comes to understanding another person’s lived experience that doesn’t look like their own, the best thing to do is shut up and listen. At least Crosby is trying to get the second part down, now.

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