Complex's YouTube Network Hosted an Alt-Right Channel

via Complex Media / Youtube and Anthony Fantano / Bandcamp

Anthony “The Needle Drop” Fantano, deleted his alternative racist and trolling YouTube channel on Tuesday, prior to the Fader running a piece on the popular music reviewer. The channel, titled ThisIsThePlan, featured a number of videos of the white YouTuber mocking black rappers and sneaking in sly 4chan jokes and memes.

The race-baiting YouTube channel appears to have been a part of Complex Media’s YouTube network, according to freelance writer Katherine St. Asaph, who posted a link to the web analytics website Social Blade on Twitter on Wednesday morning. There are over 280 channels featured in Complex’s network, including those for blogs like Pigeons and Planes, DJ Booth, and Complex News, and even superstar dance producer Tiesto.


ThisIsThePlan, prior to Fantano’s deletion, had more than 400,000 subscribers, a fairly decent audience for what was an offshoot channel for Fantano. For publishing giants Hearst and Verizon, which bought Complex last year, such a channel is probably small potatoes. But it certainly doesn’t look good for them to be profiting from a channel that mocks black people. As, Ezra Marcus wrote in his Fader piece describing the more plain-faced racist content in Fantano’s videos:

Case in point: a few weeks ago, Fantano released a video called “DEEP FRIED MEME REVIEW.” I won’t try to explain the plot — something about summoning “black meme magic” by burning a copy of Death Grips’s album Exmilitary as an offering to Pepe the Frog — but the point is, several memes featuring the n-word appear throughout the clip. This doesn’t require much complex analysis. Fantano thinks the n-word is funny, so he put it in his comedy video. His fans certainly got the message: dozens of comments on this video, and on many of his other videos, use the slur.

We reached out to Complex Media for comment and will update this post if we hear back.

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