Please Leave Halsey Alone

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Halsey can’t win for losing when it comes to her identity. Yesterday afternoon, the singer tweeted: “So if I’m dating a guy I’m straight, and if I date a woman, I’m a lesbian. The only way to be a #True bisexual is to date 2 people at once.” The tweet was a joke, as Halsey is currently dating just one (1) person, rapper G-Eazy. It was clearly a joke. Clearly.


Unfortunately, Halsey felt her fans didn’t quite get the humor. This morning, she retweeted herself, clarifying: “This was a joke.”

Now, this isn’t the first time that Halsey has fought her own words in the public sphere. Back in 2015, speaking to the New York Times, she identified herself as “tri-bi,” a reference to being biracial, bisexual, and bipolar. She has since publicly walked back the awkward phrasing, as people continue to make fun of her for the term.


Even this morning, one Twitter user critiqued Halsey’s recent hair change into braids and the singer replied: “I been talking about being black so much, everyone says I talk about being black ‘too much’ so I guess I can’t win I’m good doin me.”

Please leave Halsey alone.

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