Chicago MC CupcakKe Just Released the Filthiest Record of the Year, Trust Me

via Rob Kim/Getty Images for Nylon
via Rob Kim/Getty Images for Nylon

Justin Timberlake, if you’re reading this... I’m sorry, but your hot, new, sexy Steve Jobs number, “Filthy,” is nowhere near as filthy as CupcakKe’s new album, Ephorize. Truth be told, when it comes to raunchy-fun, no one can (or will, mark my words) top the 20-year-old Chicago MC.

CupcakKe has strung together an impressive run of mixtapes leading up to Ephorize, her third and arguably best self-released album in as many years. The release highlights her penchant for explicit sex-positive raps made great by her characteristically chameleonic dexterity. On Ephorize, CupcakKe glides over the minimal, cutting chimes of “Cartoons” to the tropical house of “Total.”

So where’s the filth? She raps a lot about pussy, dick, and just about everything that can happen when those organs meet. And it’s all clever, borderline laugh-out-loud stuff: “Pussy like a tree, it got leaves on the shit,” “Head of the dick, duck duck duck goose,” “This that submarine pussy, Mr. Clean pussy/ This that I’m bout to fuck you longer than the limousine pussy”—that’s just from one song, “Duck Duck Goose.”


An early standout is the aforementioned “Cartoons,” released as a single in November, a track that naughties-up just about every childhood calling card in two-and-a-half minutes. (“Strip her, bare feet like The Flinstones/ Make a Tom and Jerry whole way home/ I’m a snack so I attract Scooby Doo’s/ Give ‘em Smurf dick, that’s balls blue.”)

It’s breathless, a complete blast, and you can stream it below.

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