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Last night, Chance the Rapper provided fans with a little Christmas gift: a deluxe edition of his Christmas album with Jeremih, Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama: ReWrapped, featuring nine new songs. The only problem was that his fans didn’t quite understand how to listen to it. If you’re of the age where you grew up downloading music—legally, of course, we don’t endorse piracy—then going to Chance’s website and using the WeDownload link was fine.

But if you’ve grown up in a post-streaming world, then not so much. Fans kept tweeting at Chance that they didn’t quite understand how to get new music by their favorite rapper.


Chance even posted a video where he downloaded the tape and showed fans how to upload it to their iTunes accounts.

Now, as a dinosaur who still puts MP3s on my phone, I know this struggle. Still, Chance the Rapper isn’t Apple Care, so a lot of credit to him for trying to help out his fans. Personally, I’m gonna blame all of this on Spotify ruining kids’ understanding of downloads and get back to enjoying the Christmas raps.

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