via Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for EIF

Last week, ABC debuted a new comedy series, The Mayor, in which an up-and-coming rapper (Brandon Michael Hall) hops into a California mayoral race to promote his mixtape. The show’s twist is that Hall’s promotional stunt results in him becoming: The Mayor. Although its premise might trigger unpleasant memories from the 2016 election, the show’s inspiration came from a much more lighthearted place.

“I knew Daveed [Diggs] was part of all sorts of community groups and these small collectives doing music together,” Jeremy Bronson, the show’s creator, said in August during the Television Critics Association press tour. “And then when I read about Chance also starting out doing his poetry in the multi-purpose room of his high school, I thought it was very, very interesting.”

Diggs is an executive producer on The Mayor and helps with its music, which cribs from the Bay Area’s long-respected rap community. Although Chance the Rapper didn’t work on the show, it’s hard not to see the parallels. He’s been involved in local politics, raising $2.2 million for Chicago Public Schools, and inspired a crowd-sourced “#ChanoForMayor” campaign (which he isn’t interested in right now). Still, even without direct involvement, Chance the Rapper received a namedrop in a recent promotional clip for the show.

Thankfully the show’s been warmly received so far, otherwise Chance the Rapper might have to attack some more critics, like the author of this piece. No hard feelings though!