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Céline Dion’s voice can inspire a wide spectrum of emotions, as anyone who witnessed the tears of a baby-faced Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic can attest to. For one incredibly drunk woman attending a Dion show in Las Vegas last Friday, it was the overwhelming urge to wrap her legs around the “My Heart Will Go On” singer.

At one point between songs, the Dion fan miraculously got past security, climbed onstage, and was up-close-and-personal with the Canadian legend. “I’m glad you came up onstage tonight. I thought you just wanted to come closer to me. But you know what, I’m glad you came closer to me,” Dion said to her. Then, she got even closer, wrapped her right leg around a visibly startled Dion, and started to hump. Instead of panicking, Dion proceeded to sing Barney’s “I Love You” and deescalated it herself. It’s really something.

Security tried to intervene, and the woman said “don’t touch me”—again, it’s really incredible that she wasn’t yanked offstage at this point—but Dion, probably the most compassionate person in music, remained calm, told her she loved her (the stage-crasher responded, “I love you mostest”), and helped her offstage. When the episode was over, a relieved Dion mock-collapsed onto the floor.


As The Hangover series, What Happens in Vegas, Last Vegas, Vegas Vacation, and countless other movies best left forgotten can confirm, it’s a crazy town! Who among us wouldn’t want to go on a day-long bender and cap it off with a messy cry to “Because You Loved Me” at the Céline Dion Vegas residency? She knows how to manipulate an emotion or two, and displays a motherly wisdom when resolving issues.

That being said, it’s never a good idea to hump anyone who hasn’t consented to being humped, in a public setting or anywhere. Come on.

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