Cardi B Is the Only Good Late Night Television Host

Cardi B co-hosted Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and her effortless, comedic stage presence has me convinced that she could do Fallon’s job—not that I want her to, she should keep making music (please don’t stop making music). I have to admit, watching Cardi make Jimmy Fallon laugh seriously hard and moments later, throw him for a loop so bad he no longer knows what to say or do is hilarious and delightful.


She’s so funny—truly, just so funny—that she could have done the whole show without him as a nerdy, uptight foil, and it STILL would’ve been good. From the moment she stepped on stage for the opening monologue, to the moment shortly afterwards when she stole Fallon’s chair, to her absolutely dominating in a game of Box of Lies, I love-love-loved seeing Cardi thrive like that. She knows exactly what her audience wants, and can sense up to the millisecond that they want it. Her execution (of late-night comedy) is flawless, in other words, much like her sixth sense for producing straight-up bangers. Book this woman on more shows!

Watch Cardi in the opening monologue above, and watch Box of Lies below. You deserve it.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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