Cardi B Defends Security Guard, Says He Did Not Touch Her Inappropriately

via Mike Coppola/Getty Images for TIDAL
via Mike Coppola/Getty Images for TIDAL

Have you noticed that celebrities write messages in the Notes app of their iPhones and share screenshots of the message on social media after something deeply awkward or inappropriate happens? When they feel they have to explain themselves and their announcement takes on extreme importance and urgency? Intimacy, too, like they’re handing their device over to us? Cardi B already speaks with a lot of authority—so if she’s doing it, then you know she really wants your attention.


Earlier this morning, the Bronx rapper posted the following message on Instagram, following her concert on Sunday night in Paris:

Dear everybody my security was just trying to look out !My skirt kept rising up .I got upset is because he put so much force pulling it down I thought I would fall! I love the team of people i work with .


Cardi was referencing an incident that happened onstage at her Paris show, which was videotaped by fan and is now making rounds on the internet. In the clip, she faces the audience near the edge of the stage. Then, a man we now know is her security guard, approaches her from behind, appearing to pull down her skirt. Cardi doesn’t notice at first, then whips around and yells at the guard. He backs off, holding his hands out in front of him like, “Hey man, your call.”

That’s all the video shows, with the crowd going wild at the end as she tells the guard to stay away. It’s unclear if Cardi’s skirt was actually riding up or not, since the video doesn’t show anything else. But it’s interesting that her fans had such a strong reaction to her onstage encounter—perhaps because of the political climate of outing abusers, and probably because Cardi reacted so strongly to it, too. Some people in the comments tried to blame Cardi for painting her security as a creep. One guy insisted that it looked like the guard was trying to touch her inappropriately:

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It’s not difficult to see why she screamed: There’s bumping music, thrashing fans in the crowd trying to bounce along to the beat and snap a photo of Cardi, club lights everywhere. Of course getting your skirt pulled down, even if by a well-intentioned member of your staff, would be startling.

Not all her fans thought Cardi’s guard was doing something creepy; a Twitter user posted a link to another video Cardi posted on Instagram, this one including footage of her security appearing to swat away people in the front row from touching her butt as Cardi turned around and danced onstage. “i wish i had a security guard just for my butt like cardi b so when i try to dance strangers don’t touch,” the user wrote. Us, too.

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