Can Beyoncé Salvage Ed Sheeran's "Perfect"?

Via Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Via Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

This morning Ed Sheeran, everyone’s favorite Game of Thrones actor, announced his most recent single, “Perfect,” will receive the A-list addition of Beyoncé. The remix world rejoiced! By 7 P.M. he made good on his promise. Listen below:

Though Beyoncé rarely gives interviews and never really releases music outside of her statement albums, she’s been fairly generous with her time this year. In September, she remixed J. Balvin’s “Mi Gente” for hurricane relief (and in an effort to get Balvin a No. 1 Global Spotify hit, according to Rebeca Leon, co-manager of Universal Music Latin Entertainment.) Earlier this month, she appeared on Eminem’s horrible, bad, no good, single “Walk On Water.”


These collaborations feel...a bit strange? Beyoncé might be working with super famous and successful music stars, but none of her recent collaborations feel in line with her own work. Will this redux of “Perfect” help breathe new life into Ed Sheeran’s single? Perhaps, but considering how quickly “Mi Gente” tumbled down the charts and the lack of immediate success of “Walk on Water,” maybe Beyoncé’s aura doesn’t expand quite that far.

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