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Fans of K-Pop know there comes a time in every boy band’s career when its members are force to enlist in the South Korean military.


If you’re shouting “What the hell is she talking about?” at your computer or mobile device’s screen now, allow me to explain—South Korea has a mandatory, two-year military enlistment for all its male citizens and no one, no matter how rich and/or famous you are, is exempt. So, for that reason, some members of the mega-popular K-Pop boy band Big Bang—for G-Dragon, leader of the group who entered the 3rd Infantry ‘White Skull’ Division at the end of last month and will be discharged in November 2019—and Taeyang, the time is now. The latter enlisted into the Kangwon-do Chulwon 6th Infantry Division Monday, March 12.

Right now, the singer is on his way to basic training (five weeks of the stuff) and AllKPop, a popular Korean music blog, has got the pics. Head over there to check it out (unfortunately T has been hiding his buzz cut under a series of beanies, but I’m sure we’ll score a uniformed pic soon enough.)


That’s all! R.I.P. (for at least two years), Big Bang!

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