Berlin to Noise Complainers: Pipe Down, Nightclubs Are Staying!!

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The Berlin parliament has promised 1 million euros (about 1,180,000 USD) towards protecting the city’s nightclubs from pesky noise complaints, according to German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel. The money will go towards installing sound-absorbing walls in and outside of nightclubs, but also community-building efforts to educate residents of the city’s storied nightlife scene and the local government’s noise-cancelling efforts.

The measure was led by Christian Goiny from the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), who originally asked for 5 million euros for the club-saving initiatives (but finds the 1 million euros adequate to start with, thank goodness). According to Billboard, Goiny has been a tireless advocate of the city’s nightlife, “fighting against angry occupants of new high-rises” who might move into their new digs and then complain about the surrounding nightclubs.


In other words: Pipe down!! The clubs have been here longer than most of you, so they’re staying.

Dealing with noise complaints can be expensive and the power struggle between noise-sensitive Berlin residents and the city’s prominent club scene is nothing new: About 170 locations were shut down from 2011 to 2015, according to Der Tagesspiegel, including the latest one which was shut down due to numerous noise complaints.

Berlin has earned a reputation globally as a destination city for clubbing, so it is in a way in the city’s best interest to protect it and appease the locals who may have an earlier bedtime. Hopefully 1 million euros’ worth of noise-cancelling barriers works!

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