Bella Thorne, My Problematic Fave, Can Sing

Next month, Midnight Sun, a film adaptation of the YA novel of the same name, will hit theaters. It stars former Disney star/celebrity gossip queen Bella Thorne as Katie Price, a 17-year-old who is deathly allergic to the sun (yup), forced to find love at nighttime with Charlie, played by Patrick Schwarzenegger, an ex-all star athlete who might not have a last name. I imagine the flick will serve to satiate some diehard Twilight fans, because it is 1.) A teen romance 2.) Who else dies when they go out in daylight? Goddamn vampires.


This movie is going to be great.

On Wednesday, the official music video for the film’s title track, “Burn So Bright” was released, performed by my problematic fave, Bella Thorne. As in, it is a Bella Thorne Song—if you searched for it on Spotify or Apple Music or YouTube or whatever, you’d find her name in the artist field. This isn’t surprising to most Thorne stans (Bellarinos is what I’d like to call the fandom) because she’s been forced to “sing” in Disney movies past, and even released an EP in 2014 titled Jersey, but it’s been a minute! This is shocking stuff!


It is worth specifying, too, that this is her first musical endeavor following a slew (read: a few years) of gossip—of course, she’s been the star of a few sexy music videos here and there, but this is Thorne the Singer’s debut, following the revelation that she’s a pot-smokin’, Snapchat-masturbatin’, Scott Disick-datin’, tabloid makin’, hootin’ tootin’ adult.

I’m just ready for the day she allows her private-public persona to take over, because it’s about time we get an EDM-pop-punk album out of her.

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