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Yesterday, a read-only Google doc titled “Exposed.” surfaced online. In it, the writer alleges that Bay Area rappers Iamsu! and Jay Ant raped her back in 2013, when she met the two rappers at a fashion retail show in Las Vegas.

The writer details about how the rappers assaulted her in their hotel room, while she went in and out of consciousness. The writer also states that both of these rappers are men who she’s known for a long time, and how that close connection made her assault even more painful:

That whole night kept playing through my head…. I felt I was safe when I left with them I thought that Jay would protect me, why did nobody stop them when they heard me saying NO or saw that I was passed out while they were assaulting me. I was too ashamed to tell my family and honestly felt disgusting, how could I be such a poor judge of character? How did someone I knew for so long not only be a bystander but a participant.


The writer mentions that she saw Iamsu! multiple times in the following years, and a mutual friend admitted to her: “I believe you, I believe you, I have seen Su being a little too aggressive with approaching females when it doesn’t even have to be that way in his position.” However, the reactions from Jay Ant and Iamsu! themselves following the allegations put forth in the Google doc were far less capricious.

Jay Ant provided the Fader with this statement:

I don’t quite understand how masculinity can be taken advantage of so easily, false accusations like these seem to happen to men way more than ever in 2017, and when it does, the ‘social media’ audience seems to not really want to give the man an opportunity to defend himself properly. I hope to be able to harness this situation up for young men and women to learn from and spread awareness on how to prevent these type of things from happening to them, also if you believe any of these accusations against me, you don’t know me, and if one does not know me, it’s impossible have an informed opinion about this situation. With that said, I’ve never had any kind of sexual interaction with her. I’ve never had sex with her PERIOD. However, I am praying for her.

Iamsu!’s statement was even more loathsome. The Fader provided a screenshot of his statement, which is below:

Via the Fader

The level of denial and consistent attacks on the victims here are one thing, but it’s the closing line that’s even more crass:

Since y’all talking. Boss Up IV drops November 16! It’s Only One Way! Pure Love!

He took the time to deny the accusations, but felt it was appropriate to also promote his upcoming mixtape.


We reached to Iamsu!’s management about this particular statement and will update this post with any additional information.

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