Barack Obama & Chance the Rapper Are Dedicated to Inspiring Young People of Color

The holidays can be a trying time—whether you’re arguing with relatives who disagree with you, working out of a relatively empty office, or just lounging around waiting for New Year’s Eve (that’s a lot of lounging!). So here’s a video from my close personal friend Barack Obama, and his close personal friend Chance the Rapper, that’s sure to lift your spirits: It’s for My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, a nonprofit that grew out of an initiative Obama started in 2014 (and as of earlier this year, run under the Obama Foundation) to help young men of color overcome opportunity gaps and to promote racial justice. Obama has said he was motivated to start My Brother’s Keeper after the death of Trayvon Martin.

The video’s message is one that rings especially true today: that looking out for your neighbor is as crucial to the future of the country as looking out for yourself, and that we are at operating a loss until young men of color have all the resources and support that they need to achieve their goals. Watch the video below.

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