Everyone Is Buying Cassettes and Naming Their Band “Apollo”

via Charley Gallay/Getty Images for MTV
via Charley Gallay/Getty Images for MTV

Bandcamp, the essential platform for independent artists and good writing about them, released its 2017 report today, which includes some wild stats about how much music and cassette tapes are out there. This year 17,872 tapes were released on Bandcamp, which amounts to 22.6 years worth of tape (or 17,076 km, if you’re into physical measurement).


If anyone tells you they’re listening to everything, don’t listen to them: apparently 500 bands set up a Bandcamp every day (or 182,000 in a full calendar year), with many calling themselves Apollo, Grim, Bloom, or Indigo. But none rival Atlas: the most common band name on Bandcamp (77!), which has fallen out of the top 10 new band names of the year as of late. “The world may be changing all around us, but it’s somewhat comforting to know that bands are still calling themselves Atlas,” writes Bandcamp engineer Ben Walker.

Although it seems like the past two years have been peak season for good familial indie rock band names (Great Grandpa, Adult Mom, Mom Jeans, Soccer Mommy, et al), none appear on the list. Void is the only one to appear on both the artist and album list, which either means a lot of these bands release self-titled debuts, or a lot of us were feeling down this year (more likely).


Might we suggest mashing some of these singular words together? Apollo Grim Bloom Indigo has a nice ring to it. David Smith, Void King? And personally, I might just claim Milk Void for myself. But it’s really good to use different words altogether if you’re looking to stick out in the inbox (as long as it’s not diarrhea, please don’t pick that word).

Top 10 New Artist Names:

  1. Apollo (13)
  2. Grim (10)
  3. Bloom (9)
  4. Indigo (9)
  5. Nova (9)
  6. King (8)
  7. Void (8)
  8. Milk (7)
  9. David (6)
  10. Smith (5)

(My colleague David Turner confirmed over Slack that “David” is not his electroclash side gig.)


Top 10 Album Names:

  1. Home (130 albums released in 2017)
  2. Lost (71)
  3. Memories (71)
  4. Void (71)
  5. Waves (71)
  6. Reflections (70)
  7. Blue (64)
  8. Dreams (62)
  9. Bloom (58)
  10. Love (54)

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