Axl Rose Just Called Apple CEO Tim Cook "The Donald Trump of the Music Industry"

Photo: Mike Coppola (Getty)

Axl Rose, lead singer of Coachella headliners/dad band Guns N’ Roses, doesn’t seem to like Apple CEO Tim Cook very much. On Wednesday night, the frontman called the corporate head “the Donald Trump of the music industry” on Twitter: 


What is it, exactly, about Tim Cook that screams “Donald Trump, America’s least qualified president”? I can’t quite follow Rose’s logic? Donald Trump allegedly cheated on his wife, bragged about sexual harassment, spouted racist nonsense, and sympathized with white supremacists. And he’s, ummm, also deeply unpopular president—what does that have to do with Apple? Tim Cook, to my knowledge, is just a business dude. Trump was also a business dude, but a notoriously shitty one. Cook is the head of one of the world’s most successful companies.

Whatever the case, Rose really, really, really doesn’t like Donald Trump or his current administration, knowledge anyone can gleam from his often problematic Twitter account:


I’m no Trump fan either (shocker) because of, you know—the racism, sexism, and bad political policies. I’m fairly indifferent toward Cook—I own an iPhone, and you’re probably reading this on one right now. The comparison makes little sense, but not everything a rock star tweets is meant to make sense. Right?

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