As I Lay Dying Frontman Apologizes for Attempting to Hire A Hitman to Kill His Ex-Wife

Via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Yesterday, Tim Lambesis, the founding and only remaining member of the Grammy-nominated metalcore band As I Lay Dying, posted a lengthy confession on the band’s official Facebook page. The singer, who was arrested in 2013 for attempting to hire a hitman to try and kill his ex-wife, initially pled not guilty, blaming steroid use for his behavior. In 2014, he changed his tune and pled guilty to the solicitation of her murder. He was sentenced to six years in prison and, according to Spin, served two in full. He wrote the following:

Today marks the first opportunity to freely apologize without any motivation to gain favor from the courts, as I have now completed the entirety of my legal sentence (including the completion of all parole/probation requirements). Let it be clear that no amount of time served can right my wrongs. I do not feel deserving of a second chance and am not asking for anyone’s trust. The way many people feel about me makes sense, and only time will tell if my future actions line up with my remorse, something I pray for every day. In the last five years, the ripple effect of all my actions has extended further than a written statement can address. Thus, I will continue to apologize in both words and actions moving forward.


The unexpected and public confession arrived on the year anniversary of his release from prison. Lambesis hinted earlier this year that he may resurrect As I Lay Dying without the band’s original members, and perhaps this message can be read as the first step in that direction. Still, when he admitted to not deserving a second chance, such a public post feels like he’s asking for one.

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