Are The Chainsmokers A Christian Rock Band Now?

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Happy New Year! A lot’s happened so far in 2018. We already have one great album in the bag, one demon YouTube star facing extreme backlash, one woodsy Justin Timberlake album that looks like it could be a Lonely Island parody, and a few rappers pledging to leave Xanax behind in 2017. Pretty good so far, right?

What if I told you it could get better, and perhaps even more wholesome?


The Chainsmokers, who’ve always maintained that “even before success, pussy was number one,” might not be your first guess for a pivot to Christianity, but I can explain. The cross imagery is not hard to see there, along with an implicit indication that the Chainsmokers might die for our sins and the sweet, sweet likes. So you’re skeptical? Might I direct you to one of their final 2017 tweets:

What’s changed, you ask? They’ve been thinking about god and religion lately. Here’s some realness from October 2017:


Look, I’m not gonna argue this is something you’d hear from the pulpit of Joel Osteen, but they’ve obviously been thinking long and hard about some existential questions lately. As of October 27, the Chainsmokers collective weren’t too keen on god and religion. But as they said, so much can change in a year, and sometimes, even more can change in two months. “You find god in between the cracks of a wall when you’re puking your limbs out,” read a passage from “some realness.”

I ask you to check out the timestamps: The new logo was revealed at 3:38 p.m., EST on January 1. If they’re like me, the Chainsmoker boys were consuming some alcoholic beverages roughly 15 hours before the reveal. There’s a chance they were puking their limbs out, and maybe even between the cracks of a wall. Could they have found some loose change in there, a secret message, God himself?


As I searched for a photo to accompany this piece, I came across this one of lead Smoker Andrew Taggart shredding like a maniac in a public setting, not uncommon of an artist who’s considering a shift to Christian rock:

via Christopher Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Whatever comes next for the Chainsmokers in 2018, whether it’s Christian rock, regular old rock, or more EDM, I only ask that they continue to follow Coldplay’s lead, or make more songs like “Paris.” I like that one.

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