Apparently Queens of the Stone Age Guy Sent a Security Guard to the Medic, Too

via Kevin Winter/Getty Images for KROQ

Remember when Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme kicked a photographer in the face before slicing his forehead open with a knife? Of course you do—it was last weekend. Apparently she might not have been the only victim of Homme being “lost in performance” at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show.

As Alternative Press points out, another photographer named Jeff Kravitz has accused Homme of sending a security guard who was working the gig to the medic. In his initial apology note, Homme owned up to kicking over various lighting equipment while he was caught up in being a rock star. Kravitz writes on Facebook that the security guard allegedly “got a light kicked into the back of his head. Never in all my years have I seen such a bully on stage.”


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