An Open Letter To Grimes

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Dear Grimes,

How’s it hanging?

Hope you’re doing well. Last year was really long and arduous for us Americans, but I guess it has been for everyone—and what year isn’t needlessly long and tiring? I hear it’s good to hold onto the things that you love when times are tough and I saw that you might be coming out with new music soon, which fits the description. I’m excited! And really, really hope it to be true.


Your last album, 2015's Art Angels, was unsurprisingly amazing, but I also remember its release date inspired a lot of chatter—we were unsure when it was going to happen and were so grateful when you released it into the world. I do recall, too, people getting all up in arms about you writing a song for Rihanna, both that she didn’t use it and that you did it in the first place, which is nuts—“Go,” goes. I guess Grimes and Rihanna fans alike get really enthusiastic at any word of new music. I’m guilty as charged!

I won’t badger you too much about when your new album may be released, because you’re dropping enough hints that it’ll be out sooner than later. Spring? Fall? (And what are those unexplored sonic landscapes?) If we’re being totally honest here, I’ve been trying to be more patient this year (you know, personal growth and such) and its worked out...fairly poorly. But hey, that’s on me, not you.


Instead, I wanted to tell you how much I love (and loved) the song “Vanessa.” I revisited it earlier this year after not hearing it for a good long while and was reminded just how...amazing it is? Even though it feels like three entire careers ago for you, (okay, it’s only been seven years, but still) it’s one of first touchstones with your music and I still connect with it today.

If I had to name a second touchstone, it is one I’m sure you remember, too, because everyone should remember when you and 2 Chainz wore the same Versace outfit to the 2013 VMAs. It was, by far, one of the best moments from any awards show this decade and I don’t think it was even planned. Was it planned? Anyway, the best musicians’ artistry extends into fashion and visual art and all that extramusical stuff too, right? You’ve always gone above and beyond, and for that we’re all thankful.


So, as we get further into 2018, I find myself in the same place as all of your fans—hopeful for a new album from you in the coming months. We’ll be fine if we have to wait a little longer, because whatever you do decide to share with the world is sure to be beautiful and well worth it.

For now, so long and thanks for all the hits,


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