Amara La Negra On Afro-Latinidad: "Not all Latinas look like J. Lo"

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If you caught the premiere episode of VH1's Love & Hip-Hop: Miami on Monday night, you became acquainted with Amara La Negra, a Dominican singer dedicated to breaking into the mainstream Latin music market. In the first episode of what should become your new television obsession, her ambitions lead her to meet with producer Elijah Sarraga (aka Young Hollywood) and have an excruciating exchange with the guy, who tells her to get rid of her fro (which he describes as stopping her from appearing “elegant and breathtaking”) and become less “Macy Gray and more like Beyoncé.” You know, super helpful, not at all limiting/racist stuff.


It somehow only gets worse from there? His ignorance truly seems to know no bounds, because what could’ve become a productive studio session becomes a explainer on Afro-Latinidad. She tells Hollywood, “Not all Latinas look like J. Lo or Sofia Vergara or Shakira, so where are the women that look like myself?”

In a cut away she adds, “I’m extremely proud of my brown skin, I’m proud of my color of the way that my hair curls. I’m proud of who I am, and nobody’s gonna take that away from me, not even Hollywood with his little slick, stupid ass comments.” And now I have a new hero.


Watch the clip below.


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