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Did you hear? Kimye (Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West, you nerd) just had their third kid, a girl, their first child through a surrogate. (Some background: Kim suffered from placenta accreta, a condition in which the placenta fails to detach from the uterine wall after giving birth, thus the surrogate.)


My future best friend weighs 7 lbs. 3 oz., according to a statement provided to TMZ, and if she proves to be anything like the couple’s first child, North West, she’s already too good for this shit Earth.

But here’s the kicker—little baby no. 3 has yet to be given a name—or the West family has yet to bestowed a magical moniker upon her (publicly), like that of sister North or brother Saint. So allow me, a totally qualified person, to hand over some suggestions:

10. South (West)

9. West (West)

8. East (West)

7. Mid (West)

6. Ne (West... Get it? Newest?)

5. Wild (West)

4. Key (West)

3. Lake (West)

2. Travel (West)

1. Donda (after Kanye’s late mom. How sweet would that be!)

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