All the Bands We Lost in 2017: R.I.P.

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As we approach the end of 2017, a truly garbage year, we look back at the music that made it bearable—all the great records that came (and went, because no one spends money on music anymore and you stopped streaming and net neutrality was killed and there’s no hope for this industry), the weird news stories that passed our periphery, and new artists that gave us something to believe in (looking at you, Cardi B). It’s also a time to eulogize the acts that officially called it quits. Hey, there’s something really beautiful about choosing your own end! Why fade into obscurity when you could go out with a bang?

That said, RIP these guys:

Black Sabbath

Yeah, I thought they broke up, too. Black Sabbath officially bit the bat (get it?) in March of this year, confirming they were done-zo. They announced the end with a “visual obituary on Facebook,” which is the saddest series of words anyone has ever typed. After 49 years together, at least we have their records.


Modern Baseball

Don’t call it a breakup or a break—“indefinite hiatus” is cool, considering it’s the go-to phrase for rock bands whose future is uncertain. This beloved Philly emo band went out in a blaze of fire—three nights of sold out gigs in their hometown—teetering a line between underground rock’s heroes and breaking into some sort of guitar-friendly mainstream. We’ll miss ya, MOBO.

Cibo Matto

Art-pop group Cibo Matto almost made it to 2018 but called it quits on December 12—I know! Wild!


The Dillinger Escape Plan

After 15 years, essentially a lifetime and more for a band best defined as “mathcore,” the Dillinger Escape Plan finally called in quits in 2017. Frontman Puciato told Loudwire, “I’m ready, I want it to end. I love the shows, but mentally, I know what 2018 is going to be like, 2019… so I’m already there … We must have done something that meant something to people. When you’re in it, you don’t really ever, ever think that. It’s really neat right now to have a first-person and a third-person perspective kind of happening at the same time.” Same?



Unless you are from the U.K. or fancy yourself a true-blue Anglophile, Stornoway probably means nothing to you. Believe us when we say the folky foursome was nothing but endearing and sweet baroque pop and it’s a real ass bummer they’re no longer with us. Also, they might’ve been a bird-worshipping cult?



If you have ever watched an episode of Bam Margera’s MTV programming, Viva La Bam and Bam’s Unholy Union, or if you’re too goth for the skaters but skate too much for the goths, you’re probably familiar with HIM, the Finnish poppy-gothy band. Forming in 1991 and enjoying only one real ass hit (2005's “Rip Out the Wings of A Butterfly,”) to HIM we say: so long and goodnight.


All in all, not too terribly bad for breakups? There’s certainly a benefit in staying together for the kids, and a lot of money to be made if you were an emo act who called it quits five or more years ago and you’re looking for reunion dough. This year certainly wasn’t dramatic in the breakup department, but who knows what 2018 will bring?


Who did we miss? (Don’t say Chairlift or Yellowcard, that was 2016, my friends.) Send a mean message to Or tell us in the comments! We don’t bite.

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