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This Friday, October 20, Canadian artist Alex Calder was scheduled to release a new album on Captured Tracks. But last week, the former Mac DeMarco bandmate was dropped by the label after they were informed of sexual assault allegations stemming from a 2008 incident.

Calder has shared a statement regarding the allegations, and he doesn’t dispute that the sexual encounter was “non-consensual and constituted assault.” He goes on to say that he now takes full responsibility for his actions, but claims he initially didn’t understand that it was non-consensual:

“At the time, I had thought that my actions were consensual and now understand that this was not the case. This encounter did not meet the criteria for getting consent. I abused this person, and I have not held myself accountable for this. I want to further express how completely sorry I am to this person for any shame, humiliation, or social isolation that they have experienced following my actions.”


He says that he’s taking a break from creative endeavors to seek counseling and “consent training,” and implores others who have been accused of sexual assault to consider their accountability. “I want others facing similar experiences to understand the importance of holding themselves accountable for their actions and begin educating themselves,” Calder writes.

This response certainly doesn’t make his actions any more forgivable, but it stands as a welcome step in the right direction toward accountability, compared to swift denials we’ve seen from other artists accused of sexual abuse this year.

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